It is an honour to add beauty to homes all over, and I’m thrilled that you’re visiting my website.


Self-taught artist

I was 6 years old and in the first Grade in my birth country of Germany. Our art activity was to draw a gingerbread man … when I had finished my teacher grabbed it, showed it to the whole class and said: “This is the worst picture of a gingerbread man that I have ever seen, and it won’t be going up on the wall”. My work began here….


My news

I try to get involved with lots of projects and help when I can. I also enjoy sharing how some of my paintings were created. I will add all my news and interesting project here so keep checking for updates. 

Strelitzia ~ acrylic on canvas
03 June 2021
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Some of the painting processes
03 June 2021
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TEARS animal rescue
02 June 2021
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My Gallery

Some of my paintings are for sale, some are already sold. I also enjoy commission painting, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Landscape and others

Wall Murals

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